Friday, May 5, 2017

Frugal Friday 191

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Last week, our neighbor had a very large tree taken out of her front yard. Miss Shirley came over ahead of time to let me know so I could bring the kids out front to watch. They loved it! Owen watched the entire process - nearly two hours! I had to come in to cook dinner and he watched out the school room window. He did not want to miss a moment of the chainsaws and big trucks!

- Saturday evening we hosted Brian and Luke (Mark's dad and brother) for a pizza dinner and treated everyone to Lickity Slick Snowballs at the Grand Re-Opening for the summer. They did $1 small snowballs for the event and we loved them! To quote Owen, "Yum Yum!"

First Snowballs of the Season!
(We should have taken sunglasses even though it was evening.
All the pictures ended up with squinty eyes.)

- Sunday afternoon, Mark cleaned out his closet. We were able to take a large black trash bag of clothing to The Lord's Cupboard to be donated.

- A few weeks ago, our friend Misty listed a jogging stroller for sale. We bought it from her for $100 under retail price! We got such an awesome deal as her daughter had only used it about a year or so! I had been on the fence about if we should get one this summer or not and her posting sealed the deal. Thank you to Misty and family for the great deal!

- This week, I sold our double stroller. I bought it used right before we had Owen and we have loved it the past two years. I sold it for exactly what I paid for it - an awesome deal as the retail value of the stroller and the extra accessory I had was $195 and I bought/sold it for $50.

- I made out okay at the Spring Consignment Sale. I only had 137 items in this sale so I made far less than I have at the past couple. That being said, between my sale totals and the sale of the stroller I made enough to cover the rest of our Mommy and Me weekend at camp in June and the kids' swimming lessons this summer. That was my goal for the sale alone so I was thankful to have sold the stroller as well.

- We paid our mortgage for the month of May and also made an additional payment on our Principal. This is something we want to do more of but it just doesn't always happen. We have finished paying for dance for the next two months so I am hoping we can add extra to the Principal for the next two months.

- I used up a gift card to buy items to donate to the Meal Bags that we help fill at the Franklin Church of God. Annabeth loves to help fill the bags and I love that she is learning that not everyone is blessed enough to have food at home and that it is our privilege as Christians to feed the hungry.

- Last year, I bought a dress up tote at a garage sale. It was beginning to fall apart and this week the bar fell off completely. It took Mark a few minutes, some screws, and some glue and it's back to working order. I am thankful to be married to someone who likes to repair what we have instead of buying new.

Frugal Fail:
- Mark and I saw two research study opportunities in Tuesday's newspaper. We both applied - neither one of us qualified which was a bummer (it would have been $275 if we had both qualified) but we will keep watching for more.

We have had a rainy, rainy week here! I am ready for some sunshine and to get back outside to play again!

Happy Savings to All!
Happy Derby Weekend!

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