Friday, September 21, 2018

Frugal Friday 263

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- The kids and I enjoyed fun, free programs at our local libraries. Owen went to his first Hop and Bop dance class that he actually stayed in and on Saturday we enjoyed a class about Japan. We love our libraries and all of their free programming!

After much practice, we were allowed to write on rice paper.
Annabeth chose "wisdom" 
 We all had a great time learning about Japan!

- Mark worked Friday night and Saturday all day at the SSPOM Consignment Sale. He was paid in cash and we are thankful they have him back each year for this sale.

- After talking to another dance mom, I learned that an event I had planned to reserve a hotel room for is one that ends pretty early each afternoon which means we can commute! Hooray! I had already saved $210 for meals/hotel and was able to move that to a different envelope.

- I had a fairly expensive medical test rest run this week and due to our insanely large deductable and out-of-pocket premiums we had to pay half up front. The hospital called me ahead of time to warn me and the billing lady told me that we have one of the highest she has ever seen. So glad we are special :(

- I sold Annabeth's toddler bed on Facebook. I made more than I would have after my cut at the consignment sale so I was very happy to not have to take it to the fairgrounds next week. Made: $30

- Sunday we enjoyed lunch out thanks to Mark's parents. We celebrated his Dad's birthday at Jockamo Pizza. We also filled the back of our car with things to take to each of the other three households in the family. Our garage is less and less full and we love passing on what we no longer use!

- I scored a Groupon deal on a Starbucks giftcard. The giftcard was a $10 but I only paid $5. I also earned 6% cashback through Ebates.

- I ordered two Shutterfly photobooks during a FREE photobook deal. Saved: $60

- Wednesday morning we enjoyed a preschool story time at the Church of God in Franklin. We meet every third Wednesday during the school year. Please join us!

- Thursday I had drive-thru lunch for FREE thanks to a free combo meal coupon from Freddy's.

We had a busy week and are looking forward to a fun weekend!
Tomorrow the Trafalgar Library is hosting a class on China at 2 pm for anyone who is interested!
Happy Savings to All!

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