Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Tribute to My Tribute

Last night, we sold my first car. We got another car in June and have kept the Tribute to see if we really need to be a 2-car-family. The answer was no and so I said Good-Bye.

A Tribute to my Tribute

I received it for my graduation as a gift from my Momaw and Granddaddy. I thought I was just getting a car but over the past 9 years it has become so much more:

First day with my new car!
May 2005

- I drove my Tribute to my high school graduation. I said "Good-Bye" to high school in my new car.

- It was the car I packed up childhood and drove to UofL and unpacked into Threlkeld Hall.

- My Tribute was the car that I used to explore and learn the city of Louisville. It was the car that took Leah and me to Arby's and the Denny's by campus. I made midnight runs to Krispy Kreme Donuts for heart-to-hearts with Daniel in that car.

Outside my car with Daniel and Leah
Celebrating "Daniel Reams Appreciation Day"

- My Tribute was the car I drove to camp in May 2006. It was the car that Mark helped me unpack into my cabin just minutes after meeting me.

- It was the car I drove to Franklin, Indianapolis, and eventually Vincennes to maintain a long-distance relationship with Mark. It was the car we drove to buy our wedding rings.

- We took our first road-trip together in the Tribute, to Tennessee for Mark's 20th birthday. We took it to Iowa for Matt and Jenn's wedding. We took it to Cincinnatti for my 21st birthday. 

- My Tribute was the car I drove to and from camp every day in the summer of 2008 so I could finish my last classes of UofL. It was the car I drove away from campus for the last time as a college graduate.

- I drove the Tribute to my post-college interviews and then to work every day at Macy's and subbing.

- It was the car I drove to Old North on our wedding day. It was the car we drove away from the chapel as Mr. and Mrs. Riley. We drove the Tribute to Florida and back for our honeymoon.

- The Tribute was the car we packed up to move to Greenwood. We moved from the apartment to the Greenwood house in the Tribute as well. 

- It was the car I drove to and from work when I was pregnant - pulling over to get sick a couple times each way. It was the car we drove to our ultrasound and where we cried once we knew our Anna Baby was on her way!

- Mark drove the Tribute to the hospital on October 4 while I was in labor. We drove it home October 7 for Annabeth Sage's first car ride. 

Annabeth's First Moments in a Car 
(outside the belly)
Getting ready to head home from the hospital! 

- It was the car we drove on Annabeth's first vacations to Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and Ohio. It is the car that she has ridden in all of her life.

When I drive my car, I think of so many memories. Sweet memories with family and friends and most of all with Mark and Annabeth.

That being said, it was still sad to say good-bye to my first car. 

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Anna Busenburg said...

That is a sad day to say goodbye to a car that you love and that holds so many memories! Sounds like you were blessed with an amazing car!