Monday, September 1, 2014

Organizing for Fall

We have been doing some annual fall cleaning and organizing.

One of the biggest tasks, first done last fall, is to sort through Annabeth's toys, books, and clothing. Since her birthday (October 5) and Christmas are coming we like to go through and see what she has outgrown or does not use any more. We make four piles: Donate, Keep, Pass-On, and Sell. This year we parted with two bags to Goodwill, passed on clothing earlier this summer to some friends, and we have 100+ items tagged to sell in the Fall Consignment Sale in our area.

Up until now we have had a few different containers for Annabeth's toys but I have quite often envied friends who have, at least in common areas, been able to store children's toys in nice looking furniture. This past week, I moved the living room toys from a toy box into a nice, decorative cube. We received the cube as a wedding shower gift and have always had it in our dining room to house our board games and to decorate with pictures and things. I think moving it to the living room and organizing the toys has really made a difference in how nice our living room looks.

The toy box chaos in our living room 

Everything picked up nicely and put away 

The reason we were able to move and redesign the purpose for the cube was the arrival of my Grandma and Grandpa Chico's china cabinet. After Grandma went Home last spring, we were all allowed to name items we would like to have. I have always wanted a china cabinet and theirs is a beautiful one that Grandpa refinished. I am so excited to have it and it really finishes out our dining room. 

I think it looks so beautiful!
The pretty table in the corner is also from their house. 

I was excited to be able to display some of our nice serving dishes
as well as special photos and keepsakes.

We had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend visit with Mama and Dad and I am so thankful to be organized and ready for fall! 

Where does your furniture come from? Do you enjoy buying your own or using family furniture? 

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