Sunday, September 7, 2014

Adkins-McElroy Wedding Weekend

Yesterday our sweet church friend Cindy married her love Chris McElroy.
They had Annabeth as their flower girl and we had a wonderful wedding weekend.

Their rehearsal was Friday evening at church. We enjoyed seeing all of the bridal party again, we had met at a bridal shower this spring. Annabeth and the ring bearer, Lewis, did a wonderful job with their practicing. Everyone, minus me due to allergies, enjoyed a Pizza Hut dinner and gift giving. Annabeth received a Hello Kitty Ballerina doll and a gift-card to Build-A-Bear for being in the wedding. She has never been in that store and I think she will be very excited to spend her giftcard.

Saturday, we arrived at church and were dressed by 12:30. We did pictures until 2 or so and then Annabeth and Lewis played in the parlor with the church's toys. The wedding was at 3:30 and absolutely beautiful. Annabeth did a great job, much better than at Luke and Cassidy's wedding, at walking down the aisle and standing/sitting nicely during the ceremony.

Sweet Nanners.
A beautiful flower girl. 

Me and my girl after the ceremony

After the wedding, they all took a few more pictures and then it was off to the reception. The highlight of the day for Annabeth was dancing at the recepetion. The last reception she went to she was only about 8 months old so she was surprised by all of the lights and loud music. It took her about 10 minutes of watching the colored lights in awe to get into the dancing mood. Once she did, she loved it! She danced for over two hours!

Dancing Queen.
Her dress was perfect for twirling! 

Cindy and her mom and friends planned a beautiful wedding. She had so many beautiful and unique touches. I thought I would list a few here for any brides looking for ideas:

- At the rehearsal dinner she had mints with little stickers on them that said: "Mint to bee" with a picture of a cartoon bee
- Cindy had "Mrs. Chris McElroy" embroidered in blue onto the inside of her wedding dress as her something blue. It was so sweet and made for beautiful pictures
- At the reception everyone's favors were little picture frames with the word Love. It was nice that it was something we can really use in our home!
- The reception tables also had Hershey Kisses with stickers that said "Hugs and Kisses, Chris and Cindy are Mr. and Mrs."
- After the reception, we all went outside and lit lanterns and let them go into the night sky. It looked so beautiful. Cindy shared that they had done the same thing after her grandmother's funeral. What a beautiful way to celebrate life and love.

Annabeth and Mark sending off our lantern. 

 Beautiful lanterns in the night sky.
Happy Wedding Day and Happy Marriage Wishes for Chris and Cindy!

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