Saturday, August 15, 2015

"And was I crying Mama?"

Yesterday, Annabeth and I took Mr. O to his 2 month check-up.

As we drove, Annabeth was talking about Owen's pictures from the hospital. We have shown some of them to Annabeth and she was really surprised grossed out by the fact that Owen was "green and slimy" after he came out. (She has only seen the picture of our doctor holding Owen up right after he was delivered) I had added it to his baby book and really didn't think about her seeing it but she has been asking daily about how babies get out and why they look that way.

Then she asked the question. She doesn't ask it every day but when she does, I cry. Every single time.

Annabeth: "Owen was born so slimy. Was I slimy?"
Me: "Yes. All babies are."
Annabeth: "And he was crying. Was I crying so loud when I was born?"
Long Pause.
Me: "No Nanners. No you weren't."

It's a simple, innocent question with such a complicated, heartbreaking answer.

I hope when she is older I can answer it in a way that she can appreciate and understand just how precious life is. I hope she can remember how much of a miracle she is. I hope we never take a single moment for granted. I hope she realizes that the Lord has a very special plan for her. He created her, He knit her together, and by His amazing grace she took her first breath. He alone saved her life and we pray, will save her soul. Amen.

Our Miracle Girl.
Running, dancing with flowers.
We are so thankful for that first breath and each precious one that has followed. 

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