Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Annabeth's First Day of Pre-K

Yesterday was our* first day of pre-k!

Pre-back-to-school week went fairly well last week so I was looking forward to starting our new books yesterday. We got up, showered, and dressed because the new window was coming for Owen's room and i didn't want to be in PJs with workers here. (His window had started leaking in May but due to a mix-up at the manufacturer and an incorrect measurement we have been waiting) Annabeth was not especially happy about not having her PJs on for school so I took her out front to take her first day of school picture by our little tree. In the process, I broke my memory card and made it write only thus I couldn't take a picture. Mark quickly took one on his phone before he left for work. He was gone about five minutes before the workers came. We held off school to watch the window installers take out the old window and put in our new one. Annabeth enjoyed this very much and made the workers smile by making them a special drawing.

We did actual school in three 30 minute shifts. Annabeth loved getting out her new books and being able to use her new markers. This year we are going to focus a lot on how to correctly hold a pen/pencil and on drawing correct lines and shapes and eventually all of her letters. I was very pleased with her attentiveness to the lessons and her writing.

After we were done for the day, I looked at the first day picture that Mark had sent only to realize that Annabeth was blinking! :( We ended up doing a re-take after dinner in an outfit that Mark bought Annabeth and picked out for this picture. Doesn't he have great taste?

Today was our second day and Annabeth did just as well with her lessons! I am excited for this year and excited to see what we learn together!

*I choose to use the pronoun "our" because our family believes that homeschool is a family experience. Our homeschool is not just about us teaching Annabeth but rather about all of us learning and growing together*

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Abbi said...

I am glad your school time is going well. The outfit and picture and Annabeth are all adorable! :-)