Friday, February 17, 2017


Happy Friday!
This past Wednesday I turned...
and did so on a wonderful trip to Tybee Island! I will return next Friday for a Frugal Friday post complete with money saving vacation tips! This week though, I thought I want to pretend that I am back at the beach!

Here is how I spent #30:

Sunrise over the ocean for my 30th!
This was the view from our condo. Gorgeous!

 Mark and the kids took me for birthday coffee at Tybean Art and Coffee Bar on the island.
We loved that their logo includes an octopus - perfect for us! 

Mark kept Owen in for nap time so Annabeth and I spent a gorgeous afternoon 
out on the sand. She loved swimming in the tide pools and I enjoyed taking lots
of pictures and hunting for shells. 

 Post-dinner beach walk. The last one of the trip.
I love my people so very much!
They all made my birthday so special!

We had an great trip! Check back next Monday and Wednesday for full-trip recaps!


Abbi said...

That sounds and looks like a fun trip!

Amy and Mark said...

It really was! We haven't taken a big vacation since our honeymoon and we were so happy to see and experience some new places. This trip was a reason that I love to homeschool! We were able to get away at an "off" time and had many of the places we visited all to ourselves!