Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Looking back on my 20-29th Birthdays

This month I will turn 30.
The big 30!
How did that happen?!
I was just freaking out about turning 20!
I have had some fun looking back at pictures from my 20s and thought I would share one from each of my birthdays!
The girls on my floor threw me a "Over the Hill" party because I was so sad to see my teen years ago.
We played Apples to Apples and it was so much fun. 
Mark came down from Franklin to surprise me and we exchanged Valentine's. 
My gift to him was this silly blow-up octopus ring-toss. 
It was the octopus that started ALL of the octopus items since then. 

Out at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner with my best friends from college. 
Leah and Daniel saw me through SO much! I can never thank them enough for their support!

This was taken at my parents house. We went out to dinner with my parents and LucyAnne
for my birthday and Valentine's Day. This was our last engaged Valentine's Day. 

We moved into our first house just days before my birthday.
Mark had decorated the whole living room with balloons and streamers as a surprise. 
This was such a special birthday as we celebrated our new house as well!

I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Annabeth and SO SO SO sick :( 
I don't even think we went to dinner or anything. I got dressed to make my 
annual birthday picture and that was all.  

I love this picture! Baby Annabeth was so beautiful and wide-eyed. This was a lovely
birthday and Mark and I had so much fun getting Annabeth a sweet, little Valentine's Doll to
celebrate the day.  

We met at the Franklin Starbucks for lunch since Mark had to work.
I was so happy to just spend the rest of the day with my sweet little Nanners. 

We had planned to go to Evansville for the weekend but a huge snow storm came through.
 I refused to let go of going home for my birthday so we drove in the snow. The usual 3ish hour trip took more like 6. I am not sure anyone else thought it was worth it but I was so happy to be home!

I was about 24 weeks pregnant and was more than happy to eat about half
of that giant frosted cookie cake all on my own! We had just found out that #2 was definately a boy
and I was so thrilled to have a healthy, Owen Merit on the way! 

My last birthday in my 20s. Mark was gone all week, of course, so my family came up to
spend my birthday weekend with us. Mark got home late that evening and he and the kids surprised me with sweet, personalized gifts from Etsy.

I feel like life changed so much in my 20s. I started it in my second year of college and over the years I graduated, had and lost jobs, got married, had more jobs, and added Nanners and O to our family. I am so incredibly thankful for all of the blessings I received in my 20s and I look forward to where the Lord will take me in my 30s. Happy Birthday Month to Me! 


Anna Busenburg said...

Happy Birthday Amy! What a fun look back over the last 10 years. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you Anna! I am looking forward to lots of birthday fun over the next few weeks! :)

Abbi said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!! What a fun timeline of pictures.