Monday, February 20, 2017

Tybee Trip: Days 1-3

About 18 months ago, I decided that I wanted to spend my 30th birthday at the beach. I did a lot of research and number crunching and we decided to visit Tybee Island, GA for my trip. After more research and lots of saving - we made the trip last week! We were gone February 8-15 and had a wonderful family vacation! This was our first big trip since our honeymoon to Florida and, obviously, our first big trip as a family.

I took hundreds of pictures and made tons of notes so I thought I would just do a two-part overview.

Today I will cover Days 1-3:

Day 1:
Mark and I woke up at midnight, we had loaded the car earlier in the evening, put the kids in the car and headed south. We stopped for breakfast at a rest stop in North Carolina and lunch in South Carolina. We made it in 14 hours and were able to spend about 2 hours on the beach our first afternoon. It was about 60 degrees and cloudy but we had a great time anyway!

 Mark, Owen, and Annabeth - all getting their first glimpse of the ocean!
It was fun to see all three of them experience the ocean for the first time together.

Day 2:
We woke up and walked over a mile down to the Tybee Pier. We enjoyed the morning exploring the pier and surrounding beach. We took a field trip to the Tybee Marine Center. 

We went back to the condo for lunch and Owen's nap. Mark stayed in with Owen and Annabeth and I went to the beach. For MONTHS she has been talking about wanting to build sandcastles so we built sandcastles!
 Mark and I gave her a colorful sandcastle kit for Christmas.
She decided that many of her little Shopkins and toys needed to go to the beach too.
They looked cute decorating her sandcastle.
The seagulls thought they were crackers and kept trying to steal the tsum-tsums!

After hours out on the cold, windy beach I convinced her to go back to pick up the boys and so we could walk to the playground near our condo. It ended up being closed for repairs! I then suggested the library which was also close by. The library was closed as it was Thursday. Annabeth started crying and crying "Why would you bring me to a closed park?! Why is the library closed? I want to play...." Mark quickly suggested we go back, get the car, and go exploring. He drove into Savannah and we found a park for the kids to play. They were so happy! We had dinner at The Pirate House in Savannah. Annabeth loved dressing like a pirate!

Ahoy Matey! Pirate Annabeth

Day 3: 
We drove back into Savannah to spend the day at the Children's Museum of Savannah. This museum is so neat and currently all of it is outside. It was about 50 degrees, apparently very cold for Georgia as people were very bundled up, so we had the WHOLE museum to ourselves for over an hour. Eventually four other children came but we loved running the place by ourselves! It was so fun! The museum is currently fundraising so it can continue to add on and build. I highly recommend a visit to anyone who lives near or is visiting the Savannah area.

 Owen enjoyed building with giant building blocks.

Annabeth loved the outside library!

On our way back to the island, we stopped at The Crab Shack for a meal. Mark had his doubts, we had to drive down a gravel road towards the shack that looked a bit creepy, but I convinced him to stay. We had our best seafood meal of the trip! We also enjoyed showing the kids the gator pond with live gators and their bird shack where they have rescue birds.  

 This was our favorite place! We loved it so much we went back again the next week! 

We spent the rest of the day taking long walks on the beach. Both of the kids just loved being out on the sand - Annabeth loved hunting for shells and Owen loved following the seagulls.

Come back Wednesday to see what we did on Days 4-6 of our Tybee Vacation! 

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Brings back a lot of great memories from our trips. Now you're making your own. As it should be.