Monday, June 30, 2014

Annabeth LOVES the Dentist

I have always enjoyed going to the dentist. I find it incredibly relaxing to lay back in the dentist chair for an hour and have my teeth cleaned while listening to easy-listening radio stations. Does that make me weird? Well, if it does, Annabeth is weird too because she also LOVES going to the dentist.

We have been taking her for check-ups since she was 18 months old so this past week was her 3rd dentist visit. Our dentist is so sweet and always sends us home with extra goodies. This time she provided Annabeth with "dentist goggles," a mask, and gloves. Annnabeth spent the whole rest of the afternoon playing dentist at home. Mark and I both got clean bills of oral health as well as most of her dolls and stuffed animals.

Dr. Annabeth S. Riley, Child Dentist 
(She used her star wand to poke and "clean" the teeth)

 Time for a check-up Ernie!
"Looks good! All clean!" she said. 

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