Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday Camp Lakeview!

Today we attended the Lakeview Ministries Open House which is extra special this year because camp is celebrating its 50th Birthday!

Mark and I both grew up at camp as campers, served as JCs, and then 8 years ago this week we met as first time summer staffers. Camp has played such a monumental role in our lives as Christians. We feel so thankful to our parents for making sacrifices to allow us to go as campers and volunteer JCs. We feel so thankful that we met at camp, grew our relationship at camp, were engaged at camp, and have continued to build upon the friendships that we made during our years at Lakeview.

Today, for the first time together, we were able to share Lakeview with Annabeth. Mark returns each year with his Boy Scout Troop for their winter camp and Annabeth and I often visit with our friends Sarah and Bella. We love being connected to a place that when we pull in the drive we always think/say, "We're home!"

Annabeth is quickly learning to love camp as well. She enjoys the devotional, and silly, songs as well as the tire playground. She loves hiking in the woods and visiting with friends. Most of all, Annabeth LOVES the horses. She was so excited to ride today and took two rides.

Ride #1 - Thunder the pony 

Ride #2 - Steve the REALLY big horse 

We are so thankful to have been part of the first 50 years of Camp Lakeview and we pray to be part of the next 50. We pray that this summer would be the best summer yet! We pray for beautiful weather, for safe fun, for a staff that is focused solely on sharing the Good News, and for campers to come with hearts open to hearing God's Word. Amen.

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