Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our New Homeschool Group

We are excited to announce that we have joined a new homeschool group that is forming in our area for families schooling preschoolers at home.

We had our first "meeting" today at a local park and had picnic lunches, play time on the playground, and even a little birthday celebration for a 2nd birthday.

All four of us mamas met at library story time but a recent homeschool social led us all together. There are six boys and four girls. Each of the other families have a set of twins and a single and then it's Annabeth and myself.

Although I have other homeschooling friends, many of the groups in our area are quite a drive from our house and to keep costs and drive-time down I have been really praying for something close to home. I was so excited to hear that these mamas want the same type of group and are also Dave Ramsey families! We all were very open with what we feel comfortable doing and how much per child we consider a reasonable amount to spend on an outing and it sounds like we are all on similar budgets. That was also a relief as we live on one income we live on much less than most of our friends and family and we sometimes have to say "no" to activities and long drives to visit others. It was nice to hear that these will be friends it will be okay to say, "We can't this week. Maybe at a later time."

While we were at the park, an expecting mama and her three children came along. She said, "Oh. Do you homeschool? We are going to pull our two older children out of preschool and we are looking into homeschooling." She is an army wife, moves often, and while they are looking at moving again within the next year they decided it might be a good time to school the children at home so the move won't be such a transition in that way. It was a neat thing to see God's hand in putting the right people in the right place at the right time as originally we were going to meet yesterday but moved it to today due to weather. God is good.

All of our families are schooling in different ways but all with the same goals: to allow our children the freedom to play and move both indoors and out as they fall in love with learning.

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