Monday, August 4, 2014

First Day of Three-Year-Old Preschool

Happy Back to School!
It is Annabeth's first day of three-year-old preschool!

We began our school year last night with Family School.
On Sundays, we will be introducing the Bible focus of our week. We will read, this year from a children's Bible, the story of the week and introduce our memory verse. We will also spend special time in prayer as a family specifically focused on home education and our family.

I love this fun chalkboard with inspiring words/quotes on the frame
and words from the greatest book on the board. 

We began school this morning with a focus on Genesis 1:1 and with our spelling and phonics. I, so far, am very happy with the curriculum that we chose to use. I have found it very easy to lesson plan with and it seems pretty flexible if we have a lesson that goes quickly or too slowly that I can adjust the rest of the week easily.

Our school week will be MWF mornings from approx 9-12 am. We ask friends and family to hold non-emergency phone calls and texts during these hours. Thank you!

First Day of Three-Year-Old Preschool Picture
(by our little tree out front, a first/last day of school tradition)
Cute dress from Grandmama-Mimi

School Survey
Some answers are the same as the last day of two-year-old preschool 
and there are some new ones as well!

What do we hope Annabeth learns?
- More phonics and letter patterns as she begins to read
- A more firm grasp on correct counting and math concepts
- Self-control and self-discipline to complete tasks
- 40 of the most powerful, incredible occurrences in history through our 40 weeks of Bible lessons
- May she grow more and more in love with the Lord

As we begin this school year, I pray that the Lord would give me the ability to help Annabeth learn and that she would desire to learn. I pray that we find ways to grow as a family of faith. I pray that the Lord would guide our family in ALL aspects of our lives and that we will seek to joyfully serve Him and His people all the days of our lives. Amen.


Abbi said...

I love how you are starting out your school week with prayer together as a family!

May God be guiding you as you teach and train!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you for your encouragement - both here and on your blog :)