Friday, July 10, 2015

Frugal Friday 99

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Friends sent a huge bag of hand-me-downs to Annabeth this week. We kept the ones that fit and then passed along the too-small items to another friend.

- I packaged up *sniff sniff* Owen's newborn and 0-3 month clothes. He outgrew them a few weeks ago but I have been in a bit of denial. I mailed them to a friend who is expecting a boy in August. It made it easier to pass them along to someone that I know.

- The kids looked adorable in frugal patriotic outfits to celebrate the 4th of July

- Monday evening, after mowing the lawn, Mark trimmed our cherry tree out front. It has grown to be very large and the branches were taking over the roof, gutters, and our front walk. I am so thankful to have married a handy man who can save us service calls from professionals.

- Mark worked two night shifts at his part time job.

- Annabeth enjoyed a week of swimming lessons - five 30 minute one-on-one lessons for just $50. To take group classes at our city pool it is $65 and to take one-on-ones it is $100! The classes are very expensive and quite early in the morning. I had heard that the pool was generally cold and that often there were too many kids for the class. Many parents also said their child(ren) spent a lot of the class waiting on the side for other kids to swim. After asking around I was referred to a gal who does them at her home and at that great price! Abby was extremely patient and I loved being able to sit in the quiet shade with Owen. The family was also very welcoming and allowed me to change Annabeth in their bathroom so I wouldn't have her wet in a swimsuit in the carseat. Annabeth loved Miss Abby and the whole swimming experience and I loved what a wonderful deal I got!!

First Day of Swim Lessons!
Cute tutu swimsuit was a hand-me-down from her friend India

- Annabeth completed summer reading at our library and earned a free book

- I signed up for Huggies Rewards and entered codes from diaper packages we had received as gifts for Owen. Annabeth is allergic to all diapers but Pampers so we were very excited we found that Owen can wear Pampers and the less expensive Huggies!

We had another cool, rainy week here. Is it April or July?!

Happy Savings to All!!

"Buy used and save the difference"

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