Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Frugal Patriotic Outfits

I love themed outfits and was very excited as the 4th was my first holiday to dress both kids in themed outfits.

Owen's "Red, White, and New!" oneise - $1.99 from Crazy 8
I bought this on clearance in November from the baby boys section.
I figured if #2 was a girl I could add a tutu and bow to make it girly.  

Annabeth's American flag dress from Goodwill  $1
I found this dress two years ago on 50% off Saturday and knew that I "had" to have it for her. 
Owen's "My First 4th of July" flag onesie was a gift from my sister Lucy

I have promised Mark that beyond Owen's first year I will not do a great deal of theme holiday dressing or matchy-match dressing with Annabeth because Mark says that is not for boys.
I have also promised myself that I will not force Annabeth to wear these outfits once she is old enough to not want to any more.
Until then...I plan on enjoying finding them and saving money on them as well! :) 

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