Friday, September 11, 2015

Frugal Friday 108

Happy Frugal Friday!!!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- We visited my family in Evansville/Owensboro for Labor Day. We sorted through some things from my Grandma Chico's house and we brought back lots of dishes for our house. The plates we got from our wedding have been chipping so we are glad to have new (to us) ones.

- We purchased a cake for my sister's birthday. We were able to eat it Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! It was delicious and we were glad to eat it for several desserts.

- We took our old printer on our trip to Evansville. We had purchased one that doesn't work with our computers. Mama and Dad will either keep it or if they find they don't need it either, they will sell it at an upcoming garage sale.

- Annabeth has decided to be a "blue ghost" for Halloween. She picked this over the summer and has held firm. She said she just wants us to cut eye and mouth holes in a blue sheet. She mentioned it while visiting my Momaw. Momaw gave her a pillowcase and my Mama made the eye and mouth holes. It is not blue but does have some blue decorative parts on it. She LOVES it and walked around scaring everyone. I love that my child is as frugal as I am!

- We pre-paid Annabeth's dance for the year. Our dance school offers a discount for having a member's card and for paying for the whole year up front. We were able to save well over $100 for the year!

Our beautiful, Miracle Girl doing her flower dance

- We received a phone call that our energy company wants to add a energy saving box to our air
conditioner. It will give us a $25 credit on our next bill and should save us $5/month or more during the hot time of year. We had done this at our old house and I thought I had already done it here so we were happy to take advantage of this deal.

- We received an ad in the mail for a Disney movie club. We knew it was junk mail but it had Mickey Mouse on the front so we let Annabeth open it. It had a sheet of stickers inside with the offer. She was SO happy to have stickers from Mickey!!

- Mark worked one shift at his part-time job.

- Annabeth homemade Grandparent's Day cards. Grandparents Day is this Sunday, September 13.

- We took advantage of the annual sale at the Stride Rite Outlet. Shoes there were Buy One, Get One 50% + 2x Rewards points. I was able to save $53.04 using the outlet store prices and the 2nd pair 50% off. I also earned our next $10 reward. I will fill out a survey and earn $5 off our next purchase which I will add to the $10 for $15 off our next purchase.

- I printed my tags for the fall consignment sale. A friend also dropped off wire hangers! Thank you Ann! Our sale requires wire hangers and I always try to get as many free as I can!

- We saw on Disney Junior that children can now write a letter to Sofia from Sofia the First and she will respond. Annabeth had fun writing a letter and drew Sofia a spider. I thought this was a pretty fun activity for just the cost of a stamp.

We had a long week here as Mark's Grandpa Ed went Home this past Saturday. We are missing him but are eternally grateful to our Lord and Savior for the blessing of Eternal Life.

Happy Savings to All. 

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