Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homemade Hair Bow Holders

When Annabeth was a baby I stored all of her hair bows in her top drawer with hats, socks, etc. However, once she turned one and actually had some hair I wanted a better way to organize her hair bows. My friend Sarah had made an adorable bow holder for her daughter Bella so I copied her and made one for Annabeth when we moved into the new house.

I found the frame for Annabeth's at the Coal Mine Museum Garage Sale and painted it white. The white, blue, and flowered ribbon were from my stash from Grandma Chico. I loved having some of her ribbon used in Annabeth's room. I now use the bow holder for her some of her BIG bows and easily crushed bows. The other 50 or so bows are in a big box on her dresser. We may have a bow problem around here...

Annabeth's Bow Holder

A few weeks ago, I was talking with Mama and mentioned that our friend Cindy and her husband are expecting their first child, a girl! Cindy and her mom Teri are our sweet friends from church and have always loved Annabeth so much. They always look at her outfits and hair bows so I knew if Cindy's baby was a girl I wanted to gift her something very girlie and princess like. Mama suggested I make their baby a bow holder and I agreed! 

I found a very pretty textured frame at Goodwill. Mark took the original print out and cleaned/painted it for Baby Abigail. Her nursery will have a Noah's Ark theme and the bedding is blue and yellow so I added blue and yellow ribbons for the base. Annabeth and I had fun shopping for bows for her too. We left open space for more bows that she may receive. 

 Abigail's Bow Holder

I love Annabeth's bow holder and am so thankful that Sarah showed me this idea. It also made a wonderful baby shower gift as Cindy immediately knew who it was from. She was so happy and that made us happy. We look forward to welcoming our new little friend Abigail Sophia in October. 

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