Sunday, June 26, 2016

Introduction to "My Homeschool Journey" Series

In looking ahead to homeschooling "for real" we have definitely had lots of questions about our children's future around here. Mark and I were both educated at brick and mortar schools (him private, mine public) and we had the traditional education of our generation.

We often find it hard to imagine what...
having a 9 year old home all day will look like
middle school without after school activities
high school without football games
what potentially 21 years as a one income family will mean for us financially

We find it difficult to think about (potentially) missing out on traditional milestones
8th grade graduation, prom, high school graduation ceremony, etc

We wonder...
will the sacrifices be worth it?
will they appreciate it later?
will they resent it later?
will they love it?
will they hate it?

These are questions we have asked each other and also been discussing with some other families in our homeschool group.

We have no way of knowing what the years ahead of us hold or how long exactly we will be on this homeschool journey but I knew that I wanted some kind of idea of how other people felt.

I decided to ask two friends, both of whom I met at Camp Lakeview over the years, to write guest blog posts for me and they have done so! These great ladies were both raised homeschooling in Central Indiana, attended Indiana colleges, and now work in their respective fields in Central Indiana. I chose them because each were homeschooled, have achieved great personal and professional success in our state, and I felt their stories will be of great relevance to families homeschooling here in Central Indiana. I will be sharing their posts this week and look forward to learning from them along with you!

Guest Blogger One: Anna Busenburg, Blogging on Tuesday
Anna and I met at Camp Lakeview in the summer of 2007. Anna blogs professionally on her blog rdnna. Anna was homeschooled through 8th grade and then completed high school at a public school in her town. Anna is a graduate of Purdue University and currently works as a Registered Dietitian. Anna is married to her camp-and-college sweetheart Chas and they have a sweet little pup named Einstein.

Guest Blogger Two: Chelsea Savage, Blogging on Thursday
Chelsea and I met at Camp Lakeview in the summer of 2003. Chelsea was homeschooled through high school. She earned her bachelors from Indiana University and her graduate degree from IUPUI. Chelsea has become a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist. She lives in the Indianapolis area where she and her husband Neil are in the process of rehabbing their home.

I enjoyed hearing from each of these ladies on their experiences and pray you will find some encouragement for your homeschool journey as well!

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Abbi said...

It was fun to read your interviews. It reminded me of how different everybody is. I guess it surprised me a little that after enjoying homeschooling themselves that they would think that they would send their kids off to school as that is so different from how I felt/feel. But that just shows how different people are.

From my perspective of both being homeschooled (1st-12th grade) and homeschooling my kids it is totally worth it. I feel so blessed with the relationships that I share with my parents, my siblings and my children and also the amazing opportunities to blossom in the way that suited me best in the homeschool environment. May God bless you and give you strength as you homeschool your children.