Friday, August 26, 2016

Frugal Friday 157

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely this week:

- Last week I mentioned that Annabeth had an eye doctor appointment. She had been complaining of "wiggly eyes" during reading and phonics. Our friend Dr. Jenna Liechty was able to get us in right away and after a thorough exam it was decided that Annabeth does in fact need reading glasses. We have now had two school days since her glasses came in and Annabeth is so happy. The first day she sat down, read a story, and said, "Oh Mama! I can see these words!"

Our sweet girl in her new glasses. 
She said they had to be purple and she loves wearing them!
She will just wear them for reading but needed a photoshoot in good light :) 

- We had an at-home pizza and movie night Friday night. We ordered Papa John's and watched Zootopia. It obviously would have been a money saver to eat frozen pizza but sometime we just "need" Papa John's.

- Saturday we were up north and decided to use a gift card that we have had for YEARS but never gone to the store to use it. We were able to get six Christmas gifts, two craft kits for Mark and the kids to work on, three stocking stuffers for Owen, and a small item for each of the kids that day. We only spent $3.15 OOP! What a deal!!

- While up north, we only made the three stops we planned on making and did not eat out! This was a huge accomplishment for us as we finished our errands at 4:45 and had some hungry, angry kids in the backseat. We came home and I cooked dinner for the kids and Mark and I finished leftovers.

- Sunday afternoon we stopped by Mark's older brother's new house. Mark helped them pull up carpet and laminate to help prepare for the new floors they will install this week. We enjoyed visiting with the family and Mark helped them get quite a bit of work done. While I was on the house tour, I found that the previous owners had left quite a few wire hangers!! Matt and Jenn said they didn't need them so I was able to take them to use in a few weeks for the consignment sale.

- I redeemed a FREE Starbucks item.

- Mark helped put hay up for some friends. The money he made was added to our savings account.

- Tuesday, the kids and I drove to Warsaw, IN to visit with friends. We left their house at a time that was GREAT for missing Indianapolis Rush Hour traffic but not so great dinner-time wise. We had well over an hour left to drive and the kids could not wait for dinner any longer. We ended up spending $7 on McDonald's so we could make it home. I had packed lunch for the kids and our friends fed me lunch so I figured $7 wasn't too much for an all day (5.5+ hours of driving) outing.

- Wednesday evening we were invited to a friends house so the kids could enjoy some time on their farm. We were able to meet the farm's newest calf, just one day old. The kids both LOVED being outside. Annabeth loved feeding the cows and Owen loved "woofing" at their dogs. We took the family some sausage and some deer meat as a thank you. They were kind enough to share some fresh veggies with us.

 Owen had fun with the corn and tomatoes.
We all enjoyed some farm fresh popcorn when we got home. 

We had a great school week and enjoyed some wonderful visits with friends. We are so thankful for all of the opportunities and people that God has put in our lives.

Happy Savings to All! 

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