Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ten Years Ago Today...

Ten years ago today, in the very early hours of the morning, I layed in the middle of Lake Rd. and told Mark
"I think I am in love with you. I mean, I am in love with you."

Weeks before, on another lake walk, while Mark told a story I thought "this is who you will marry." Then I thought, "really?! I don't even know him. At all." I prayed on the thought for weeks and as I prayed it became more and more clear that God was asking me to get to know Mark. So I did.

We walked. We talked. I watched him as he worked. I watched the way he took directions and instructions from his boss. I watched the way he talk to junior counselors and campers. I watched the way he dealt with long, hot summer days working outside. I watched the way he treated his friends. I watched the way he treated his brother. We talked some more. I didn't like everything I saw but I was sure I could change those things ;) wink.wink.

By the annual lake firework show, I knew I loved him. As he walked up the hill and I walked down it, I prayed: "Dear God, please let me Mark Riley's wife."

Then, as summer came to a close, I knew that I couldn't let how I felt slip by. And so, on August 3, I put it all on the line.

"I think I am in love with you..."
to which Mark replied
"Franklin and Louisville aren't that far apart."

I learned, a week later, that was his way of saying, "Okay, let's do this, I love you too."

And so it began. We began.

10 years later I am sure that he is the one God had for me.
No other friend has ever accepted me as freely as Mark.
I am thankful that he loves me for me, that he gently corrects me when I am wrong, and that he has pushed me to do more than I ever thought possible.

10 years -
9 months of them courting
nearly 2 years of them engaged
and 7+ married.

I am so thankful for these 10 years and excited to see where we are in another 10.

On the dock at Lutheran Lake - watching the 2006 lake fireworks show.
This was the night I prayed that God would let me be Mark's wife.
One year later, after the fireworks, he asked me to marry him. 


Anna Busenburg said...

Congratulations! What a blessing to be with your best friend for 10 years!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you! It is honestly hard to even remember life before I was part of MarkandAmy. I am so thankful that God has given me such a wonderful friend and partner in life! I love being Mark's wife!