Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review: InStyler Wet to Dry Tool

Last month I took a short beauty survey and was later contacted by Kendall Viewpoints to try the new InStyler Max Wet to Dry hair tool. The tool came this week and I was able to give it a try this morning.

I always love things brand-new, out of the box!

The Instyler tool is designed to dry and staighten or curl damp hair. It's purpose is to eliminate the blow dry and then style process by combing them into one tool.

I took a shower and allowed my hair to air dry, heavily towel dried my hair for 15 minutes.

Damp - part dry, part wet hair
Not my best look. 

I spent 10 minutes using the tool, after carefully reading the instructions. I decided to test the tool for its straghtening ability. I have naturally curly hair and can achieve great curls with little effort with any curling tool. After the first ten minutes, I got pretty fed up. My hair was slowly drying and was slightly straight but mostly it was getting frizzy and poofy. I was unhappy with how long it was taking for the pieces to be dry. 

Not impressed.
Parts were very wet, parts were very poofy.

The tool had promised quick results but as I was working, the kids decided it was lunch time. I cooked, ate, and cleaned up lunch and then decided to try the product again. Now I had been out of the shower for over an hour and my hair was almost all the way dry. I worked with the tool for about 10 more minutes. This time, with my hair almost completely dry, I was able to achieve straighter, sleeker hair. It did not give me the results I love from my straightening iron but it did turn out okay.
 The end result.
This is roughly what my hair looks like after blow drying it straight
before I run a flat iron through it. It was quite a lot of work to use this tool
to get to this point. I can do this with a blow dryer in about 20 minutes vs the 90 this took.

Overall: I feel this tool would work much better on someone with thinner hair. Thinner hair would dry faster coming out of the shower and would work in fewer passes of the tool. It was almost 90 minutes between my shower and my final hair-do. That would not work on any day as I am busy teaching school and chasing little people. I think I will stick to my blow dry/flat iron routine (approx. 20 min) for special events. 

Thank you to Kendall Viewpoints and InStyler for this opportunity. 

*Disclaimer: I was contacted by Kendall Viewpoints to complete this review. They sent me, free of charge, the InStyler Max Wet to Dry tool to review. I am allowed to keep the product for my own, personal use regardless of my review. I was not financially compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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