Friday, September 2, 2016

Frugal Friday 158

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- We went to Evansville/Owenbsoro for a quick visit this weekend. We did not stop for dinner on the way there and resisted the urge to eat out or shop while visiting. We had a wonderful, but too quick, visit with everyone. Momaw was kind enough to empty her change basket for the kids' savings accounts and she shared some little notepads and pens for our schoolroom. She also was going to throw away some plastic sets of forks and spoons so we took those to donate to the Weekend Meal Bags.

On our trip to Evansville,
Owen was finally brave enough to sit in the police pedal car at Grandmama and Grandpa's.
Read about why this pedal car is so special here.

- We rolled change from the kids' piggy banks and added it to the change from Momaw before taking it all to the bank. "A penny saved is a penny earned"

- A friend shared some beauty samples with me. She has a family member selling all natural beauty products and I enjoyed sampling some of their items. I really loved one of the face masks!

- I was contacted by Kendall Viewpoints to complete a review of the InStyler MAX Wet to Dry tool. I was given the tool free, to keep, in exchange for publishing two reviews. I also did a post with pictures about my experience.

- Mark worked one night at his part time job.

- I took a bag and box of items to Goodwill. We also ran in for a quick trip to look for items on my fall must-have list. I was able to find Annabeth a pair of Justice shorts for gymnastics. (I don't know much about the Justice brand, other than it is extremely expensive at the mall, but I have found quite a few pairs of athletic shorts at consignment stores and they hold up through gymnastics class better than any other brand. That has made them a "must buy" when I find them item.) I also found a fall/spring Columbia jacket for Annabeth for just $2.99!! This same jacket is $29 new! What a deal!

We had a great school week and were SO excited to wake up Thursday morning to beautiful, cooler weather! We made Thursday afternoon a Downtown Franklin day and enjoyed looking, without buying, at the Marshmallow Monkey and Toodleydoo Toys. We also split an order of cookies at Suzy's Teahouse (we love that they are gluten free!) for just $1.85!

We hope you all had a wonderful week as well!

Happy Savings to All!

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