Friday, March 24, 2017

Frugal Friday 185

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Last Friday was St. Patrick's Day. I made corned beef and carrots with cabbage for dinner. My parents were up for a visit and we baked chocolate chip cookies with the kids that afternoon. Mark ended up getting called in to work at the hospital and worked an extra 7 hour shift.

- Mark's parents brought Annabeth pink roses to help her celebrate her second dance recital. She felt so special and they have made a beautiful decoration in our kitchen all week.

Annabeth with her gorgeous pink roses.
Owen has to do what she is doing all the time so he is in the picture too :)
At the end of the dance afternoon, they were so sweet just hugging each other -
they really miss each other when they are apart. 

- Saturday evening we treated Mama to dinner out and gifted her with cards made by the kids to help her celebrate her birthday. Our big gift is that we are going to help her clean out their attic later this year. My parents are, like so many, in the process of getting rid of things so Mama asked for help with a project rather than more things.

- Sunday we all went to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. This was such an awesome Christmas gift as we have already been a bunch this year and our pass is good through the end of next January! My parents had not been since my sister and I were little and we all had so much fun! It was great to go with a group of adults as my parents were able to take Annabeth around to what she wanted to see and Mark and I took Owen to the trains, his happy place.

- I enjoyed reading two magazines that I get for free: InStyle and The Informer.

- I ordered Owen new tennis shoes. I ordered them from Stride Rite through Ebates and earned 4.5% cashback. I earned our next $10 reward so we will save big on our next purchase. I also love that we always have free shipping with Stride Rite Rewards!

- was featured on Zulily this week. I scored some AWESOME deals! I was able to order 85 dishwasher pods for the price I usually pay for 22 of them! I also was able to buy three big boxes of snacks for the kids (106 snacks) for under $30! I also ordered gallon size storage bags at a great price to donate to the Meal Bags that we fill at Franklin Church of God. I saved $45 off retail prices, earned 1% cashback through Ebates, and got free 2-day shipping! When the box came there was also a free coloring book and crayons inside.

- I got an awesome deal on frozen pizzas by combining a sale and high dollar coupon. I was so excited for the sale, and checking for Annabeth and Owen allergens, that I bought one I am allergic to. We were able to pass it on to a friend for her family to enjoy.

- Our friends brought us two bottles of multivitamins for the kids. This was a HUGE blessing as it is about $18 worth of vitamins for free!

- I used a $2 off my order coupon to get Annabeth a new jump rope at Kroger. I don't usually use coupons this way but hers was broken last fall by some friends and she has been asking for a new one all winter. This was was a "perfect" rainbow one and since it was exactly $2 I figured it was meant to be hers.

Overall this was such a lllooonnngggg week. Owen came down with the stomach flu on Monday and was pretty sick until Wednesday night which meant we had to stay home all week. Not being able to leave the house often leaves me in a pretty terrible mood just a few days in. I am thankful that he is better and that we were able to get out to the grocery and tap class yesterday.

Happy Savings to All!

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Abbi said...

I am sorry that you had to deal with sickness in your family. I hope everybody is doing well now! That is so nice that you get to spend quite a bit of time with your parents. I feel blessed to live fairly close to mine and my husband's parents are thinking of moving this way too which will be nice. :-)