Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Christmas Card Photoshoot

We shoot our own Christmas card photo each year. As in, Annabeth and I sit in front of the tree, Mark fights with the timer on our camera, sets the timer, and then runs to be in the photo. In the end, I think ours looks about as good as anyone else's. Last year, Mark took extra time and shot some portraits of Annabeth that turned out beautifully. We used one on the card and then had others made into 5x7s for our living room. We attempted to the same this year but a 2 year old is much more difficult to photograph than a 1 year old. Here's what we got...

Annabeth putting candy canes on the tree

We decided that our ornaments may not survive a Christmas with a very curious and hands-on 2 year old so we just planned to put candy canes on the tree. 

She quickly lost interest in hanging them and threw them in
a pile and exclaimed, "Finished!" 

Then I asked for one nice photo...

She was not interested in this photoshoot at all

They may not be perfect, in fact most professional photographers probably would have put these in the outtake pile, but this is who we are, right now. We are a family with a two year old with is busy, curious, and oh-so-sweet!

Merry Christmas Tree Time!

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