Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Monsters!

Annabeth's Three Favorite Things.

Our conversations are currently about these three things.

Example 1:
We have been working on getting Annabeth to say her name and age. Today practice went like this:
Me: What is your name?
A: "AB."
Me: "Annabeth what?"
A: "Din-saur."
Me: "How about Annabeth Sage Riley?"
A: "Syeah. Monser." (aka Monster)
Me: "Okay. How old are you?"
A: "Dragon!"

Example 2:
We went to lunch with friends today. As we were leaving this happened:
Me: "Okay, let's go Annabeth."
A: "No. I dragon. RAHAHRHRR!" *Puts hands in front of her mouth and waves. "FIRE!"

The love of dragons came from a children's show that she and Mark have been watching since last spring, "Jane and the Dragon." The monster interest came when she learned about Cookie Monster because he is on her Pampers diapers and she now loves saying things in a "monster" voice which consists of jumbling a bunch of letters together and growling. As for the dinosaurs, she just loves picking out every library book she can find about them. I can say that I am learning a lot about all three! 

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