Monday, April 14, 2014

First Homeschool Order

Last night we finalized a HUGE decision for our family.

We ordered our very first set of "official" homeschool curriculum.

We have been looking at preschools in our area and at homeschool resource websites and everything just felt wrong to me. I kept waiting and praying and then I stumbled across a link to Alpha Omega Publications. Suddenly, I had found something that felt "right."

We ordered the complete Horizons - Preschool for Three's set. It was on sale 20% off plus they were offering free shipping on orders over $50. We spent $59.16. That is far less than the average amount of public and private preschools in our area and we will have her home, learning with us.

We have homeschooled in quite the informal way this year. I make lesson plans and choose books but mostly it has been a go with the flow, winging it, type year. As she is only 2, I knew that she would learn and grow through any experience and lesson.

Now it feel so real though. We bought curriculum. We are official homeschoolers.

I love how this feels. So right. We want her to be home with us. We want her to be free to be who she is. We want completely Bible based curriculum so her focus remains completely on the One who really matters. The One who gives us everything we have. To Him be all the glory.


Abbi said...

I love your attitude about this - To give glory to God. May He bless you as you seek Him!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you for your encouragement.

You are one of many homeschool Mamas that I really look to for encouragement!

Thank you for being such a wonderful blog-friend!