Monday, April 28, 2014

A Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend we spent our first weekend of the year at my parent's lake house.

We have only taken Annabeth twice before, each Memorial Day Weekend, of her life. The lake house is not really big enough for the three of us plus the three of them to all stay so we just haven't made a point to go. But this past weekend, my sister had plans, Mama was out of town, and Dad was camping so we thought it would be a great time to go just the three of us!

Mark worked all day and Annabeth and I packed up and were completely ready to leave when he got home. We made the three hour drive down with a pretty happy Annabeth which was great! We arrived at the lake past bedtime so she was ready to just go to sleep but Grandpa was already there so she decided she could play for a while! We gave Dad/Grandpa his birthday presents and helped him celebrate the last few hours of his birthday.

Fishy-Birthday Hugs for Grandpa

Despite getting to bed a bit late, Annabeth slept even less than usual. She woke up for the day at midnight and because the cabin is so small, there was no hiding from her. She and I laid in her room, our room, the living room, and finally I gave in and just sang songs and played with her. Around 4 am we headed outside and enjoyed our first Mama-Daughter-Sunrise. It was beautiful and special to watch the Lord rise the sun while we sang "Sanctuary."

The lake, around 4:30 am
"Annabeth's Moon" 

All bundled up to watch the sun come up

Sun Rise Girls 

Dad also had a hard time sleeping and came in from his tent around 6 so by 7 o'clock we were up, showered, dressed, and eating Mark-made pancakes. Dad and Mark headed out to a black powder shooting contest and us girls hiked and enjoyed lake views.

Swinging and watching the water
Just like her Mimi

LucyAnne brought us lunch and some fun outdoor toys. Annabeth loved playing with the big ball and blowing bubbles. She even helped "wash" Lu's car as a thank you. Mid-afternoon I crashed into a nap while Mark and Lu entertained Annabeth. We ended the day with a trip to the park and to town to pick out dinner at Bernie's Market. Annabeth finally fell asleep around 7:30! Praise the Lord! Mark and I enjoyed a nice evening on the deck and he even caught a couple fish.

Outside, past dark, loving the lake life!

We woke up early and enjoyed breakfast out on the deck. We watched the geese swim around and Annabeth had fun learning to use binoculars. We ended up making great time cleaning and leaving the cabin. We arrived in Kentucky hours early for a birthday lunch so we headed to another park and played. We also had a fun Starbucks date as a family thanks to an Easter giftcard from Mark's parents.

We love weekends at the lake. We love life without the temptation of internet or tv. We love the water, the geese, and the fish. Mostly we love the simple life.

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