Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring 2014 Consignment Sale Wrap-Up

We have survived another sale!

My goals were:
1. Tag 50 Items - Tagged 95
2. Make $100 - Made: $65.50

I made more than I did last fall and was pleased with the results of this sale.

What sold well?

- Character Items (Dora and Hello Kitty)
- Dressy dresses
- Items sold as sets/outfits
- Summer shoes such as sandals and water shoes
- Toys
- 3T and larger items (we had some hand-me-downs that we were not going to wear)

What did not sell?

- Leggings
- Long sleeve t-shirts and long pants*
- 18 months clothing**

*Just as with the fall sale, I only sold items that are coming into season. I tend to shop ahead if I find items at these sales that I really like but I seem to be the only person. I now have to debate if I want to try to sell short sleeves at the fall sale or long sleeves at the summer sale

**This was most likely just a luck of the draw of shoppers. There was also a great deal of 18 and 18-24 racks so that size may have had the most competition.

I still have some very nice items left so I plan to head to the consignment store tomorrow money to try to make a bit more money. Anything left unsold after that will go to Goodwill.

It's always fun to shop these sales and to make a bit of money too! I made enough to cover the rest of May and June dance classes for Annabeth! Hooray!

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