Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Last Day of Pre-K

Yes, you read that right, it is our last day of Pre-K!

It is so crazy to think that we have closed the chapter on Annabeth's preschool/Pre-K years of life and that she is moving on to Kindergarten in the fall! It is even more crazy to realize that we are already 3 years into our homeschool journey!

This year Annabeth completed the Horizon's Pre-K books. We really delved into the days of creation as well as Old Testament stories through Noah. She especially loves math and has fallen in love with addition and subtraction by ones. She, reluctantly, really worked on and improved her handwriting this year as well. We enjoyed doing science with experiments and time in nature. We also enjoyed history while reading some of the Little House picture books (thank you Gina for the suggestion) and we completed the Addy and Samantha American Girl books with in depth discussions.

 Last Day of School Picture.
We always take a first and last day of school picture by our little tree out front. 

Last Day of School Survey.
We always do a first and last day of school survey.
It is so fun to see how her favorites change!

Looking ahead to this summer, we will continue with The Reading Lesson. We are currently in the middle of Lesson 5 (of 20) and are going completely at her pace as she learns to read. I have also set the goal to read one of her children's Bibles in its entirety. As we focused heavily on the beginning of the Old Testament this year, her New Testament stories need to be refreshed. Annabeth is currently very into the plagues in Exodus and I would love for her to fall in love with some more uplifting stories. We will also enjoy taking part in our library's Summer Reading Program.

In the fall, more likely in August, we will pick back up with Horizons Kindergarten Health, Math, and Reading/Phonics. We will continue to incorporate art, history, music, and science from other sources.

We have had another great school year but I am looking forward to a summer of play and fun! Late May and June are a very busy time of year here so I am extra thankful to be finished with formal lessons before we head into the next busy six weeks or so.

Happy end of the school year to all our friends!

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