Friday, May 13, 2016

We Have Pets!

Yes, you read that correctly, we have pets!

If you know me you are probably thinking - what? how? really?!

Yes, friends, I caved.

Mark, and Uncle Luke for that matter, have said for a while that Annabeth "needs" a pet. I have always said no. I have very little spare time and definitely don't have the energy for taking care of a pet. Annabeth is severely allergic to animals so that pretty much left us with fish or reptile - neither of which give cuddles or love.

A few weeks ago Annabeth started saying she wished she had a pet. When we stayed at my parents last weekend, Annabeth spent most of her time inside trying to "train" Uli who is our nearly 15 year old dog. Uli did not learn any new tricks but she did enjoy all of the extra pats and cheesy treats.

Then, yesterday afternoon, while playing outside, Annabeth found a caterpillar. She named it Calli and carried her all around the yard. She spent hours talking to Calli and even took her on a bike ride. She found a container and put leaves in it for Calli to eat. We saved her long enough for Mark to see when he got home. We let Annabeth say good-bye to Calli and put her back in a tree. Annabeth was sad to leave her outside but we explained that bringing her inside would make her die. We explained that God made her outside and wants her to stay outside. Annabeth seemed a bit sad but carried on with our evening.

After she was in bed a while, she came out, teary eyed and said, "I really miss Calli." Annabeth asked me to go print the pictures I had taken so she could see her again. Then she said, "I loved Calli and she loved me. I guess that makes me a 'pet muh-ver' (mother)" I tucked her back in bed, promising we would look for Calli in the morning.

I went back to the living room, told Mark what she had said (that pet 'muh-ver' part really got me), and then said words I never thought I would say:
"Okay, I guess we can get her a fish."
Mark replied,
"I will bring her home one tomorrow!"

So, friends, we are now proud fish owners.
Mark brought home three little orange fish today. He and Annabeth had fun setting up the tank, filling it with pink rocks, cute plants, and even some jewels. The the two of them spent hours watching their fish. They even ate dinner with the fish. Mark said that he has always loved fish and I think maybe he is just as excited as Annabeth.

Annabeth has named her fish Tiana, Snow White, and Aurora. She talked to them, told them stories, showed them her toys, and ran to report every little thing they were doing. The one she calls Tiana likes to swim right next to her at the edge of the tank. She is in love.

 "Cover your eyes we have a surprise for you...."
 Joy! "My own fish!"
 Mark, Owen, and Annabeth watching their fish eat dinner.

Annabeth is so happy to be a "pet muh-ver!"


Abbi said...

Fun story about the fish! I hope they live well and bring her a lot of joy. Though I am not a pet person (animals just aren't really my thing and I have allergies) it has been very fun to watch how much our family has enjoyed our dog that we got last year. My husband is the one that surprised me the most at how much he has enjoyed him.

Amy and Mark said...

I am NOT a pet person at all either. I enjoy animals in the wild, from a distance but am pretty afraid of dogs, cats, etc. A fish seemed to be a compromise as Annabeth and Mark both love watching them swim.