Monday, May 23, 2016

Marriage is saying "Yes"

Marriage is like an improv act - the secret is saying "yes"

Marriage is saying yes..

Yes, I will marry you.
Yes, I will help you have the wedding you imagined
    (even if it meant I had 10x the number of people I wanted there)
Yes, I will move 3 hours north for you.
Yes, I will take a temp job because we need the money.
Yes, I will work days/nights/7 days a week because I love my wife.
Yes, I will go to your family's holidays alone while you work.
Yes, let's move! Let's buy the dream house!
Yes, you can have a man cave.
Yes, you can have a craft room.
Yes, I will take you to see a panda in real life.
Yes, there are raccoons in the attic.
Yes, that is a Ferrel cat we caught in the cage.
Yes, we are having a baby!
Yes, it's a girl!
Yes, I am sure it's time to go to the hospital.
Yes, I will leave you alone in labor.
Yes, nurse, I will go back in to help my wife.
Yes, she is going to be okay.
Yes, God is so good.
Yes, I will help you recover.
Yes, I will meet you at the ER.
Yes, I will help you apply for your dream job.
Yes, I got my dream job!
Yes, let's move to Franklin.
Yes, stop crying, I am sure it's the perfect house.
Yes, I will help you through knee surgery and recovery.
Yes, I will go to church even though I worked all night.
Yes, let's have another baby.
Yes, we are having another baby!
Yes, it's a boy!
Yes, my wife does want to be induced.
Yes, I will go to lunch so you can labor in quiet.
Yes, our baby is coming!!
Yes, he is perfect!
Yes, I will get up with the kids so you can sleep in.
Yes, I will get up with the kids so you can sleep in since you let me do that yesterday.
Yes, I am sorry.
Yes, I forgive you.
Yes, I will value you and consider you before myself.
Yes, I will forsake all others.
Yes, I will love you more today than I did yesterday.
Yes, I will love you more than I love myself.
Yes, I will continue to keep God first in my life and our marriage.
Yes, I will keep saying yes even when I am afraid, annoyed, confused, tired because I love you enough to keep saying yes. Always.

Happy Seventh Anniversary to my Forever.

Our Wedding Cake Napkins.
Ironic because we never said "I do" 
Our vows were 
"Yes, with the help of God." 

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Abbi said...

Neat post. Happy Anniversary!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you!