Sunday, May 1, 2016

"We Are In A Play!"

A few weeks ago, we went to Bloomington with my parents. While there, I saw an advertisement for an upcoming performance of We Are In A Play! by Mo Willems based on his Piggie and Gerald book series. Annabeth and I LOVE to read the Piggie and Gerald books and I knew she would love seeing this play.

We were able to get tickets for the show this afternoon. So, today was our first long Mama-Anna date since Owen was born AND Mark and Owen's first Man-Day since Owen was born.

Annabeth and I drove down to Bloomington and made it in time for lunch. Since the play was at Ivy Tech, just south of Kirkwood St, we had lunch at Trojan Horse (one of my top five favorite restaurants ever!) I enjoyed the hummus plate and grape leaves and Annabeth had pitas and fruit. We didn't have time for dessert there so we got it to go - a vegan Brownie for AB and baklava for me. SO good!

Lunch with my best friend!

We love love loved We Are In A Play! It was SO funny! The characters sounded just like we make them sound when we read and we loved trying to figure out which book inspired which scene. The songs were so fun and the cast was excellent. Annabeth had so much fun and I loved watching her face almost as much as I loved watching the show.

The Cardinal Theater Company in Bloomington is putting on this show the next two weekends as well. Please check their website for ticket information if you are also Piggie and Gerald fans!

 She was very serious about looking at the cast in the program before the show.
She is very unsure about people in costumes/make-up so she needed to see the real
people behind the costumes. 

While the other kids lined up for pictures with Piggie and Gerald,
she bolted for the door but did agree for a picture with the sign. 

Mark and Owen said they had a great day at home playing and making messes with baby food. Mark was really thankful for his first day with Owen to himself. 

Annabeth and I had a great date day together and I am looking forward to the next adventure we take! 

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