Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to School: What We Learned on Holiday

Despite the blizzard that hit our area over the weekend and the fact that it is -10 degrees today we are back to school! The joy of homeschooling! :)

Annabeth, like any 2 year old, did a great deal of learning over the holidays.

Here are some new skills and words from the past 2 weeks:

- Annabeth learned who Santa Claus (or "HoHo" as our families call him) is and about his reindeer and gift giving. She has mentioned often "HoHo Came. Presents." We hope that she also retained the near constant reminders that Santa is about the Spirit of Giving.

Kuhn Family Tradition of pictures with this Santa poster.

- Annabeth learned to sing "Jingle Bells" and does so daily with her new bell from her Amazing Aunt Katie.

- Thanks to her new found love of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse she has learned to sing and dance the entire "Hot Dog" song.

- Annabeth has been parroting our words and phrases much more. We have heard her saying the following new words: Alright!, Big Lots, Kroger, Macaroni and Cheese, Okay!, Target, and many others.

- We have really been working on counting and she seems to be getting closer to counting 1-5 all by herself and in the correct order. She loves to say "six" and "seven" so those will come quickly we hope.
*We realized after we had done it that we made the counting a bit difficult as we were teaching "1-2-3" but also counting down for other things like "3-2-1 Jump!" We think that is why so often she says "'2-3-2-3" We've been working on just counting up for now*

- Annabeth has mastered, on her own, her right from her left. When asked she can point and say it correctly about 99.9% of the time! We had not even been working on it but realized yesterday she just knows it.

- As it was Christmas, we told daily the story of Jesus' Birth and also His life. We worked hard to reiterate that this wonderful season is about Him. We also covered His death on the cross, the resurrection of His body, and the Life Everlasting. She now points to and talks about the cross and has learned to thank God for His most precious Gift each time she sees the cross.

Oh, the joy of learning! We are always, always learning here!

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