Monday, January 20, 2014

Busy Board and X-Rays

Mark had seen many ideas online for Homemade Busy Boards and over the weekend he decided to make one for Annabeth.

Yesterday he and Annabeth went to Lowe's and purchased the boards, locks and hooks, and a beautiful purple paint to make it pretty. Mark painted it in the afternoon and by the time Annabeth was in bed he was able to screw all of the "busy-ness" into the board so it would be ready for Annabeth this morning.

Annabeth's Completed Busy Board
Supplies needed: board, elements to work, and paint (optional) 
if you'd like an extra pop of color(s)

She woke up and saw it in the living room. Her reaction? "OH!"

Playing with her new Busy Board made by Daddy

After being out all day, we came home and as we pulled in the driveway she yelled "Play Busy Board!" She was so excited to get it back out to play. Within minutes of playing with it, she decided she needed to roll it across the floor. Then she decided she needed to carry it and unfortunately it fell on her right foot! Ouch! Her big toe immediately turned purple and her foot began to swell. She would not let us ice it and she would not stand on it. After a call to her doctor, we all decided it would be best to have an x-ray done just in case. We took her to St. Francis Immediate Care Center and within just 30 minutes they had done an x-ray and we knew that nothing was broken. The doctor there said to expect it to be purple for quite a while but that it should only really hurt or bother her for the next week or so.

Poor Little Bit!

Puffy Foot and Purple Toe :(  

"Foot. Hurt." 
Waiting for her x-ray results 

No broken bones!
Praise the Lord, the Great Physician! 

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