Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book and Homeschool Organization 2014

One of my Homeschool New Year's Resolutions is to be better organized in two specific areas: Annabeth's books and Homeschool Supplies. 

We have a lot of family and friends that are teachers so Annabeth has received a lot of books. I have tried to keep them cleaned out and have passed on books as we outgrow them. I also have made a point to get rid of books that got destroyed during the chewing and drool stage. In spite of that, we have a ton of books and they were in the toy box, the book box, and a huge green tote.

Just some of our books, completely disorganized.  

I went out and bought a new white bookshelf for under $25 at Walmart. It matches the one in our craft/homeschool. room so eventually they will look nice as a set if/when we move this shelf into the craft/homeschool room at some point. Mark put it together and Annabeth and I got her books sorted and put away.

 I think this looks much nicer!
Annabeth also has a little rocker by her bookshelf so she can get books out to read in comfort.

We have also been truly blessed with a great deal of classroom hand-me-downs and I have been purchasing flashcards and workbooks at our Dollar Tree store using giftcards (yes, I even use coupons and giftcards at Dollar Tree). In short, we have a ton of supplies and I had just been keeping them in our craft/homeschool room, Annabeth's closet, and my closet and I couldn't find anything! On my Walmart trip for the bookshelf, I also went to the plastic storage aisle and found an inexpensive set of drawers (less than $15) that will work for our preschool years and perhaps beyond. 

I brought them home and had fun getting everything organized, labeled, and decorating with fun Little Red Riding Hood scrapbook paper. I think it looks much nicer than being all over the house and kind of cute with the fun paper.

I feel like a real teacher! I have my own filing cabinet now!

I purchased this paper in Brown Co. last summer and have been
waiting to use it for something fun. I love the cute wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood and Granny are pretty cute too.

It feels good to be finally organized! 

Annabeth's Academy returns to class January 6! 


Anna Busenburg said...

That looks awesome Amy! We had file cabinets for all of our school stuff and eventually we each had our own school desk.

Amy and Mark said...

Thanks Anna! I think Mark was happy that I finally used up some of my hoards of scrapbook paper!

For the moment we do formal schooling on a blanket on the floor in the morning and we do afternoon school standing. Annabeth is not a child who likes to sit still. However, I have so many ideas for cute little desks if/when she decides she can sit later on.