Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I am 27 years old.

I had a great week celebrating my birthday. Here is what we did:

Saturday, February 8:
We spent the day at the Johnson County Museum as a family. Mark and Annabeth surprised me with lunch at Bucca di Beppo. It is one of my favorite restaurants!

Sunday, February 9:
We went to church at Trinity so that Mark could celebrate Scout Sunday with the troop he helps lead. Brian, Kristi, Luke, and Cassidy took us out to lunch at Qudoba for my birthday. Later we celebrated at their house with a double-decker cookie cake and presents.

1st Birthday Wishes of the Year

Wednesday, February 12:
Our friends Sarah and Bella came up for a free Gymboree class at the library. They took us out to lunch at the Pizza King Station. It was so fun to watch the girls enjoy the trains delivering drinks and condiments.

Friday, February 14: THE DAY! HAPPY 27th to ME!
Mark served a search warrant in the morning so I spent my morning worrying and praying until I heard that he and his team were safe. Annabeth and I also did laundry and packed for a weekend in Evansville. Mark came home for lunch and we opened our Valentine's and my birthday. We gave Annabeth a Doc McStuffin's doctor kit and they gave me two new Columbia fleeces. We then made the drive to Evansville in very snowy conditions. The drive is usually 3 hrs 15 minutes but it was over 5.5 hours! Whew! The good thing was it made my birthday feel very long! :) We had a wonderful lasagna dinner with my family. They also had a Hello Kitty Cookie Cake from my favorite cookie place. I was so excited I squealed like a little girl when I opened the box!

 Opening Valentines at our house

 My Hello Kitty Cookie Cake

The Riley Three.
I could not wish for a better family! I love them so very much. 

Monday, February 17:
Before driving home from Evansville, we drove to Owensboro to visit with my Momaw. We also met my Uncle Lance for lunch at my favorite deli there. Momaw gave me wonderful birthday presents and I also got bread, chicken salad, and cookies to bring home.

It was such a wonderful birthday week and I felt so blessed to spend so much time with people that I love! God is so good!

I pray that in this coming year I will serve the Lord and His people with a joyful and loving heart. May I use 27 to share His light with this dark and hurting world. May I let Him use me how He sees fit. Amen.

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Abbi said...

What a lot of fun celebrating! Happy Belated Birthday!