Monday, February 10, 2014

Napless Naptimes

Annabeth has never been a good sleeper. Even as a newborn she would sleep less than 12 hours a day. As a toddler she sleeps even less!! While family and friends talk about what all they are able to get done around the house while their children nap, I just spend "naptime" praying that Annabeth doesn't destroy too many things!

A few weeks ago, Annabeth's Uncle Luke gave her a new Tiana storybook. We read it before naptime and she asked so sweetly to take it to bed. I put her down, went out to get the mail, and came back in to hear pages ripping. I went into her room to find the book destroyed (in two minutes!) and her laughing wildly.

What a mess!  

 Wild laughter! 

Friday, Annabeth earned a maraca at the library as part of the Winter Reading Program. Again, she asked to take it to naptime. It was made of good plastic and I thought perhaps it would keep her from shaking her bed apart like earlier this week. I went in to check on her several times, all was well, she was jumping in her bed shaking the maraca not napping but happy. However, at the end of the hour I found the maraca in pieces on the floor. Chewed into tiny pieces.

How is this even possible?! 
How did her tiny teeth do this?!

What does your child do during naptime?

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