Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweet Beet Cookies!

Last Novemeber, we realized that Annabeth is allergic to peanuts. We had followed our doctor's advice and had not given her any nuts or nut butters until she was 2. We gave her a piece of a Reeses at her 2 year well visit and she did not have a reaction so we knew that even if she did have a peanut allergy it was not going to be extremely severe. But, when we spread peanut butter on a bagel and gave it to her for breakfast, she broke out in horrible hives across her face and down her neck, chest, and arms/hands. Thankfully Benadryl cleared the hives after two doses. We are not going to give her any more nuts until she is 3 and then we will see if she has outgrown the allergy or if we need to see an allergist.

Since then, we have been very careful with the foods she eats since each exposure can potentially make the allergy much more severe. One of the things our doctor said to avoid was all restaurant desserts because while they may not have peanuts on the ingredients list they were most like processed on the same machinery. We also have to be very careful about prepackaged snacks. SO we have been making our desserts and snacks at home. It's been a fun challenge to make new desserts and to try to make healthy snacks for her as well.

This week I received a food processor for my birthday from Mark's parents! We were so excited! Mark opened it and and began chopping anything he could find in the fridge. He made a lovely "carrot soup" the first night! :)

My first adventure with the processor was to make these Sweet Beet Cookies I found on Pinterest.
These cookies were a great find as they are dairy, egg, and peanut free! Annabeth and all of her cousins can eat them!

Pouring the shredded beets from my FOOD PROCESSOR into the flour mix!
It was so much easier to use the machine! 

 Cookies cut out into one star and the rest hearts.
I love the pretty beet red for Valentine's Week

Baked Sweet Beet Heart Cookie - Yum!

Not ones to waste anything we threw the greens from the beets out to the little
rabbit that comes to visit our yard. Enjoy Bunny Rabbit! 


Abbi said...

That is to bad about the peanut allergy. Hopefully she will outgrow it! The beet cookies are cool, I have made beet pancakes before but never cookies with beets.

Amy and Mark said...

We are praying and hopeful that she will outgrow the allergy. We are SO thankful that it is a contact allergy and not so severe that she cannot be in a room with peanuts or peanut butter.