Friday, February 28, 2014

Frugal Friday 28

Happy Frugal Friday #28 on the 28th!

The extremely cold weather has returned here in Indiana! I dream of visiting you readers down south - any Floridians want a visitor? Let me know!!

Here is what we did to save money/spend money wisely this week:

- We caught Round Two of the "Death Flu" and so we were home for three days without eating. We saved 9 meals worth of groceries by surviving on sprite and crackers. :(

- In the wake of the "Death Flu" storm our living room rug got (I'll say it nicely) messy. It was a shaggy carpet kind of rug and we knew from previous spills that carpet cleaners don't work. We planned to have it dry cleaned instead of purchasing a new one. Much to our surprise it was going to be $300!!! to dry clean our $70 rug from Big Lots. We decided to just purchase a new one.* Spent: $40 Saved: $260

- We did make an end of the month grocery trip and were able to save $.41 on Mark's favorite oatmeal just by buying it at a different store than we usually use. Saved: $3.69

- I colored my hair at home. Saved: $50

- By being so sick we did not spend any money on eating out, gas, or shopping.

*I realize that it may not seem frugal to throw out a rug but because we were not able to clean it properly we did not feel that it was sanitary to bring back into the home. Also, we have laminate floors over a concrete slab and sitting on the floor is very cold. For us, it was worth the $40 so Annabeth would have a warm, soft place to play. She LOVES the new rug and is running circles and flipping on it all the time*

Total Saved: $313.69

How do you survive the flu? Would you have purchased a new rug too?

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference!"


Abbi said...

So sorry you had the flu! That isn't fun. It did come to our house once this year as well but I was the lucky one and didn't get it even though everybody else did.

We are having cold weather too (it is supposed to be about -25 tonight). I am excited because my husband planned a get-away to Florida next week. It is to celebrate our 15th Anniversary that was in December. We have never been to Florida before but are looking forward to it.

Amy and Mark said...

How exciting!
We went as children for the summer because our grandparents and great-grandparents lived there. Growing up in Indiana, we loved the snowy winters and then the summers spent swimming at at really warm beaches. I hope you all enjoy your anniversary! I am sure it will be a much needed change from your cold winter up north!! :)