Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun and Frugal Valentine's Outfits

You know that I love themed outfits and because Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday AND my birthday! Annabeth had a whole week of outfits:

Outfit #1:
Worn to celebrate Valentine's Day/My Birthday with Mark's Family:

Pink Tights: Carter's - gift from Nana and PawPaw
Pink Shirt: Jumping Beans - Kohl's Clearance $2
Gray jumper with hearts: Carter's - hand-me-down from her cousins
Bow: Gymboree - refashioned from a headband, $.99
Total: $2.99 

Outfit #2:

Jeans: Faded Glory - garage sale $.50
White Shirt: Oshkosh - gift from Nana and PawPaw
Red Sweatshirt with heart pockets: Gymboree - clearance for $2.49
Red Bow: Gymboree - clearance for $.49
Total: $3.48

Outfit #3
Cute and comfy for a Gymboree class and playdate with her Bestie

Jean Skirt: Jumping Beans - hand-me-down from her cousins
J'Adore Heart Shirt: Gymboree clearance for $2.99
Pink Knitted Bow: Fair trade - gift from her Great Great Aunt Katie
Total: $2.99

Outfit #4: 

 White Leggings: Children's Place - gift from Nana and PawPaw
Blue Jewel Tutu: Children's Place - purchased at Once Upon a Child $4.50
Love Shirt: Carter's - Hand-me-down from her cousins
Red Headband: Claire's - gift from Grandmama and Grandpa
Total: $4.50

Outfit #5

 Heart Leg Warmers: Gift from my friend Jay, worn all three of her Valentine's Days
Pink Dance Outfit: Purchased at as consignment sale $4.00
Total: $4.00

Outfit #6

Shoe Socks: Target - gift from Auntie Rose
Pink Heart Leggings: Baby GAP - gift from Grandmama
Purple Love Dress: Children's Place - clearance $1.99
Total: $1.99

Total out of pocket for Valentine's Day items: $7.47!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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