Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, Annabeth and I celebrated and enjoyed our 4th Mother's Day.
(Yes, we celebrated the year I was expecting)

I woke up to Annabeth and Mark's gift for me: a beautiful, real jade necklace and earring set! I have loved jade and wished for real jade since a trip to Chinatown, San Fransisco in 2008 and this year my family made it happen! It is so beautiful and I am so blessed that they remembered something I had asked for.

Mark got called out to a rather serious scene around 9:00 so I anticipated spending the day just with Annabeth. We showered and headed to church.

Since Mark was gone, I tried to take one of us girls by myself.
There were a ton of not-so-desirable ones but then I found this one.
I realize it's not centered but I love us laughing. 

After church, we ran over to Mark's parents for lunch and to give Nana her Mother's Day gift. Mark ended up being able to come around 2:00 so we spent a lovely afternoon in the backyard planting roses and enjoying the sunshine!

Annabeth was pretty tired and grumpy so we left around 6:00 and she fell asleep in the way home - A Mother's Day Miracle! When we got home, I carried her in and sat in Mark's chair. She stayed asleep so I received the most precious gift, being able to hold my sleeping baby in my arms.

Thank you Sweet Nanners for this perfect half hour of holding you and staring. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas - Mamas with babies here on earth, Mamas with babies in heaven, Mama with babies both places, and Mamas who are still waiting for their babies. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you seek to do His Will.

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