Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Homeschool Room Makeover

After months of planning we have finally completed our homeschool room makeover!

Before Pictures:

The School Side
It was a sunroom with some homeschool storage in one corner 

The Craft Room Side
I had let things REALLY get out of control!!

After Photos:

Our Craft Room/Sunroom/School Room

The School Side
It now has Annabeth's bookshelf, table and chairs, and supplies hidden in the corner

A painting from my Grandma and Grandpa Chico's house
Someone suggested we might need this pioneer school room photo for our school room
They were right!

The Craft Room Side
It took an entire morning to go through everything and get it sorted again
I can finally find everything!

 Another piece from Grandma Chico's house
I can store many of my fabric craft supplies here.
A great use for her sewing kit.

I am SO happy that our room is finished and in great shape! Now I just hope we can keep it neat and tidy until we start school again in August! 


Anna Busenburg said...

It is beautiful! I love it Amy. What a great space for school work!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you Anna!

You can come craft with us anytime!