Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kids Against Hunger at CUMC

Last night our family had the opportunity to work for Kids Against Hunger at our church.

Our church had set a financial goal of raising enough money to purchase 33,000 meals and then a volunteer goal of packaging those 33,000 meals. By the end of the night, our family worked 5-9 pm, our church had assembled more than 25,000 meals (we ran out of supplies at the end and had to end before we reached our number goal).

It was a really neat process to put together the meals. Each team consisted of 10 members - 4 food scoopers, 2 bag holders, 2 weighers, 1 sealer, and 1 boxer. Each bag received a certain amount of 4 scoops of vitamin powder, dried veggies, soy powder, and white rice. Each bag was to weigh 13.8 oz and feeds 6 people a meal (220 calories/serving). A portion of our meals will stay here in the Indianapolis area and another portion will be sent to Guatemala.

We really enjoyed working on this mission project and Annabeth outlasted most of the children as she worked on stacking and counting the bags and "helping" to load the boxes.

Us girls working the weigh station
(The hairnets were required)

Mark and I both grew up helping our families serve at our churches. Mark also learned so many valuable skills through his years in Boy Scouts as well as youth group and volunteering at Camp Lakeview. I also gained many skills through 4H, youth group (especially volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, and volunteering at Lakeview. We really hope to bring Annabeth along to everything that we do. We want her to learn as many practical skills as she can and we also desire her servant's heart to grow. We pray that our family will continue to serve the Lord in any, and every, way He sees fit to use us.

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