Wednesday, April 8, 2015

<$20 Shop Local Tuesday

Tuesday is gymnastics and library day. We usually go home from afternoon storytime, put our new craft on the fridge, and enjoy reading our new books. This week I was feeling like I needed a Tuesday adventure. I decided to take $20 out of my "fun money" envelope and to go to a favorite place and at least one new place in Franklin.

After storytime, Annabeth and I headed to Benjamin's for coffee and snacks. I love Benjamin's! I would much prefer to spend money locally on coffee and treats as opposed to Starbucks.

Then, I headed to Bird on a Wire/Anna's Boutique. It is a little store that I have passed many times and always admired the window displays so we stopped. It had a lot of beautiful clothing and jewelry for women and children. Many of the brands and styles are ones that I love but are just too expensive to buy new. I usually buy those types of brands (Mud Pie, Mustard Pie, etc) second hand to save at least 75% off ticket price. It was fun to look but no purchase made!

We headed across the street to Toodley Doo Toys. I had been in their store once, at the old location, but had not yet been in the new store. Annabeth immediately fell in love with the Melissa and Doug metal shopping cart (an item she desperately wants but we cannot justify buying as her aunt and uncle already gave her a very nice plastic one) and enjoyed playing with the lemonade stand as well. I found an adorable owl bib for Owen and a tiny little paint set for Annabeth. I am in love with their wide selection of Made in the USA toys, books, and locally made clothing and baby items. I had not gone in on purpose because I knew I would want to buy everything and I was right!

I was also excited to learn that the toy store allows people to make gift registries. I think I will take Annabeth before her next birthday to make a list. Hopefully we can direct family and friends towards gifts that Annabeth would really enjoy and also have our loved ones support our local economy!

Between snacks and items for both kids I spent just $16 and we had a wonderful afternoon supporting local businesses!

Annabeth painting with her tiny paint set. 
Bow by Emma's Bows for a Cure - available online and at Toodley Doo Toys

We support and love small businesses and encourage you to do the same. 

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