Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Meaning of Owen's "Merit"

The summer after we had Annabeth, I fell in love with the name Merit.
I knew that if we had another girl, I wanted her first name to be Merit.
Once we knew we were expecting this time, we were also pretty sure #2 was a boy.
I was panicked that if #2 was a boy, I would miss my chance to use Merit.
At the last minute, before the ultrasound, Mark suggested that we use Merit as Owen's middle name.

My sister, who loves baby names, looked up Merit online and found that it is an Arabic name meaning "Beloved."

Amy means beloved.
My dad's name, David, also means beloved.

So, Mr Owen, who doesn't seem to have a family name, does in fact.
His name meaning is shared by me and his Grandpa Kuhn.
He is loved, beloved by us and by God the Father.

I share this today, to help Dad celebrate his birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad! :)
Photo Credit: Michelle Forche


Abbi said...

That is pretty neat. I think it is so nice to have names with nice meanings. Beautiful picture!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you! - One of my favorite parts of waiting for each baby has been narrowing down the name choices. There are so many beautiful and meaningful names out there!