Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plans Change...

Earlier this month, I wrote about our Homeschool Order/Plans for 2015-2016 school year.

Today our big box of curriculum came!! Hooray! Annabeth and I were so excited!!

We opened our Little Keepers Handbook and I love it! I can see very quickly that she will need to be at least 4 (the book is intended to be completed from ages 4-7) before we get started but I love the ideas and concepts we will cover.

We opened our Horizons Pre-K set and she was SO excited! She asked to start on her new books right away. I take this to be a great sign that she loves homeschooling and this particular method of learning.

Then, we looked at the Weaver 1-2-3 Read lessons. No interest from her. Little interest from me. I had only seen the materials online (an overview and few example pages) and in the AOP catalog. I liked the idea of it and I really liked the structure it was going to provide me as a teacher. In real life, not so much. The teacher book and workbook were basically photocopied pages, spiral bound together. The teacher book was very wordy and, in my opinion, difficult to follow. The student workbook did not appeal to Annabeth at all and the flashcard book did not either. Annabeth is very much a hands-on, visual learner and I thought this program seemed like something she would respond well to. I said nothing about my reservations and left all of the supplies out on the table. I walked away and let her explore. She did not look at the Weaver books at all. 10 minutes, then 20 went by and she still was not curious enough to look through them. While she went on to afternoon art, I prayed. Immediately I knew that this was not the program for us.

I called AOP and received a RMA number so I could return the merchandise.

I am not sure what we will be using next year. Praying on that now. For today, I am thankful that Annabeth and I quickly came to an agreement. I am thankful that AOP has such a flexible return policy (as we will be refunded $80+) and AOP has an incredibly kind and supportive phone staff. I know that we will find what works for her and I know that we will love it. Pray for us? Pray with us? We would appreciate it ever so much.

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