Friday, April 17, 2015

Frugal Friday 87

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- This is Annabeth's current favorite outfit: red sweatpants hand-me-downs from Kati and Elli and llama shirt hand-me-down from her friend Madi. She asks to wear this every time it is clean.

Llama and Bubble Loving Girl. 

 - I headed to Greenwood Saturday morning for the annual Hearts for Haiti kids sale at Our Lady of Greenwood church/school. This year I found 5 items for Annabeth: a leotard in the next size, new with tags long shorts (why do stores only seem to sell tiny, short shorts?!), a longer style skirt (HandM brand!!), black snow pants (hooray, Owen can wear them later too), and a nice lightweight jacket for spring/fall. She LOVED the jacket and raced around the house wearing it later in the morning! :) I love a child who is happy with a $1 jacket! As for Mr. Owen, I found him 7 items from the $.50 stacks (onesies, pants, and shirts) and then I found Carhartt overalls (that match Mark's) and a pair of Cabela's camo overalls (both just $1/each). The Carhartt overalls alone would be $45 at the store but I got all 14 items for just $9!

- Annabeth always gets fresh flowers to decorate for her birthday parties so she wanted to get Owen some for his shower as well. She chose a yellow and orange theme with "a little pink for me." We have enjoyed three little arrangements around the house all week.

- I saved all of the gift bags and tissue paper from our baby shower. By saving all of the wrapping we receive we never have to buy wrapping of any kind. I have three totes of it all!

- The Stair Family has loaned us their baby swing for Owen. With Annabeth, we borrowed our nieces' swing and AB couldn't stand it! I was so glad that we had borrowed and not purchased. We are very thankful to be able to do this again. Thank you Stairs!

- We ate leftover food from our baby shower both Sunday and Monday for meals and snacks.

- We enjoyed beautiful Sunday fun at the park at the apple orchard for free with my parents and sister.

- My family brought up a nightstand, dresser, and rocker for Owen's room. When he does move to a crib, we will use the one that Annabeth used. We will not have to purchase any furniture for his room now! Thank you!

- I took another big bag of things to Goodwill. My sister chose a couple of items from my closet clean out and the rest went in this bag for donation.

- My friend Alysha gave us a coupon book for places like Dairy Queen. Many of the items are free with no purchase necessary!

- Our friends the Gomez Girls treated us Riley Girls (+Owen) to a homemade Mexican lunch. Cynthia's parents are both from Mexico and she used some of their recipes to make SUCH a good lunch. We had our first ever real tacos, rice, and salsa! I have never liked salsa but hers was SO SO SO good!! Cynthia packed up salsa and rice leftovers which we enjoyed at home! Thank you so much!

- Mark spent Sunday and Wednesday working in friends' yards to earn some extra money.

- Mark worked two shifts at his part time job.

We had a wonderful week with friends. We enjoyed, finally, some sunshine and warm weather and far less rain than the past few weeks! We hope you all had some outdoor fun as well!

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference!"

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