Friday, April 24, 2015

Frugal Friday 88

Happy Frugal Friday!

Here is how we saved money/spent money wisely/made extra money this week:

- Annabeth and I rolled change from her piggy bank and added it, along with her Easter money, to her savings account. Saved: $34

- Mark spoke at a class at Ivy Tech Friday evening. He was paid overtime.

- While in Greenwood for an appointment, Annabeth and I ran to Target to get a box of newborn diapers off our registry. I used a $2 off Target coupon + $3 off Pampers coupon + 15% off remaining registry item coupon and got them for $.17 each! Saved: $9.45

- Annabeth and I enjoyed dinner out while in Greenwood thanks to a gift card from Easter. Saved: $15

- We took Annabeth to see her first movie in the theater. We saved by seeing the matinee showing of "Home" and saved an extra $1 off/ticket with a rewards card. The ticket counter lady also, surprisingly, did not charge us for Annabeth. 3 Movie Tickets for just $15.

- A part in our dryer has been loose for a few weeks and finally bit the dust Saturday evening. Mark took it apart, read the book, and realized he could fix it himself. He ordered the part off Amazon and used Amazon money I have earned taking surveys to pay for it. Hopefully once the part comes in it will be an easy fix and we will be able to fix it for free instead of paying the cost of labor. Until it is fixed I will air dry our laundry which will save us money on our electric bill.

- Sunday afternoon, Mark's parents treated Annabeth and me to a play and dinner. We saw Beauty and the Beast at Lutheran High School (which is where Mark and his brothers graduated from). We also had a yummy dinner out at Panera. Thank you!

- Monday I finalized the organization of Owen's closet and dresser. We still have the room to get ready but at least we are on our way to having a space for him!

- My friend Alysha shared a box of hand-me-downs with us for Annabeth and Owen. Thank you!

- We received our first Nielsen TV Viewing Diary. We will write down what stations/shows we watch and when for one week. We were paid upfront for our participation this week. Made: $30

- On Thursday, Annabeth and I enjoyed some time at the Johnson County Museum of History. We had a great time and paid just the suggested donation amount of $2.

Setting the table for her pioneer friends

She was really interested in the old shaving kits and first aid kits

- We baked Butter Kuchen for our friends the Gomez Family. Last week they made us an authentic Mexican meal and Butter Kuchen is really the only German food that I know how to make.

We had a busy week working around the house and are looking forward to a weekend of birthday fun with friends.

Happy Savings to All!

"Buy Used and Save the Difference"

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Abbi said...

Loved reading your list of ways you saved money. Great job!