Saturday, May 2, 2015

35 Weeks

Yesterday we turned 35 weeks!

Time is flying by! It is so hard to think that Owen will be here, Lord Willing, in 5 weeks or less!

My mental "safe" week is 34 weeks and I feel really good about having made it past that point. I know that from this point on he is really just putting on weight and working on strengthening his brain, heart, and lungs. I also know that anytime he comes now should be "pretty safe" and that our amazing NICU team will be able to help him along if need be.

We have been taking semi-weekly pictures. With Annabeth we were very diligent about taking pictures every two weeks but admittedly this time has not been quite so precise. I am trying to really focus on getting them taken now because I know that I will regret it later. Yesterday I was standing for the picture and Mark seemed to be taking it from a funny angle. I couldn't figure out why until I saw the picture later. He caught Annabeth behind me mimicking my belly-hugging stance.

Annabeth is so in love with Owen and is so excited to have "my baby brover O" here to do everything with together. I love that she really helped name him and that she knew from the day that we found out that he was a boy, her Owen. I pray that they will grow more and more in love with each other once he arrives and through their lives. Nanners Loves O!


sarah said...

so previous! praying for a safe delivery for mama & o. blessings I your growing family!!

Amy and Mark said...

Thank you for your prayers! As his d-day nears I am becoming more and more anxious. I want it to be so different (obviously) than Annabeth's and I pray that we are able to rejoice and enjoy his arrival. Praying for you three as well!